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+61 is the international dial code for Australia – “J’ refers to the Jewish community in this country

GEN08, the largest professional survey ever of the Australian Jewish community, found a wide spectrum of views on important political and social justice issues relating to Jewish communities and to Israel. But this diversity of opinion is seldom reflected in public conversation. Plus61J aims to broaden discussion of such issues in the Australian Jewish community by drawing attention to important voices and views that are part of the conversation in Israel and diaspora communities in the USA, UK and Canada but less often heard in Australia. We believe that adding such voices, and the conversations they inspire, will:

  • strengthen our community in a fast-changing landscape;
  • encourage more Jews, in all streams of Judaism and of all ages and political preferences, to remain or become engaged in the community; and
  • confirm that Australian Jews and Israel are best served in our wider Australian society by supporters who show they are open-minded, balanced and understanding of people and groups with contrary narratives or views.

A series of focus groups and consultations, held over a period of six months and involving community members in Sydney and Melbourne, and across all age groups, showed strong support for broadening the conversation. This not-for-profit project requires no sign-up however; we share an interest in broadening the conversation but all opinion content is that of the respective writers.  

Our panel seeks to bring to attention a few articles, reports and views that offer additional, alternative and fresh perspectives, however challenging, supplemented from time to time by local contributions. Resources of that kind are welcome, whatever their original date of publication. 

You are requested to:

  • use their contact form to send them links to socially aware and thought-provoking articles with a Jewish or Israel connection or to suggest contributions, by yourself or others;  
  • subscribe to receive their free occasional alerts; and 
  • encourage your family, friends and associates to do the same.

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