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17/12/16: Palestinians slam Trump embassy move (AAP)

16/12/16: Israel investigates alleged Packer ‘benefits’ for intelligence chief

12/12/16: Israel hopes to undo Iran deal with Trump (AAP)

11/12/16: Prague’s Jewish cemetery to go digital (AAP)

8/12/16: Netanyahu gives ‘No’ to meeting in Paris (AAP)

2/12/16: Australian to command Sinai mission (AAP)

1/12/16: Chief Rabbi calls on Jewish leaders to stand down following Child Abuse Royal Commission (Nitza Lowenstein)

26/11/16: Thousands flee bushfires as Israel alleges ‘arson terror’

24/11/16: Palestine and Israel meet with FIFA to settle tensions (AAP)

18/11/16: Police to question Netanyahu over corruption allegations: report (Ben Winsor)

12/11/16: President Trump: The most pro Israel president ever? (Sophie McNeill)

10/11/16: Trump invites Israeli PM to meeting (AAP)

9/11/16: NSW council approves Jewish eruv amid claims of a ‘religious enclave’ (Peter Theodosiou)

9/11/16: Security threat prompts Albania to relocate qualifier with Israel (Reuters)

8/11/16: Jewish family reunited with long-lost Torah

26/10/16: Israeli teen fatally shot on Egypt border (AAP)

19/10/16: Israel lashes out at UNESCO over resolution wording

15/10/16: Israel suspends cooperation with UNESCO after Jerusalem vote (AAP)

13/10/16: Peres oversaw civilian deaths: Di Natale (AAP)

28/9/16: Peres shaped Israel’s history (AAP)

28/9/16: Obama, Netanyahu mourn death of Peres (AAP)

26/9/16: Rights group wants settlement soccer clubs to relocate inside Israel (Reuters)

26/9/16: Israel qualify for World Baseball Classic (Reuters)

26/9/16: Trump tells Netanyahu he’ll recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital (AFP)

21/9/16: Turkish police shoot suspect outside Israel embassy after attempted stabbing (Reuters)

14/9/16: Israel’s Peres in coma after stroke (AAP)

13/9/16: Syrian army claims it shot down Israeli warplane, drone (AFP)

12/9/16: ‘Ethnic cleansing for peace is absurd’: Netanyahu video claims stir tensions

11/9/16: Netanyahu ‘ethnic cleansing’ comment against Palestinians draws US rebuke (Reuters)

9/9/16: European MPs call for FIFA to act against Israeli settlement soccer clubs (Reuters)

9/9/16: Student dressed as Adolf Hitler awarded prize for best costume in front of Jewish exchange students

23/8/16: Israeli air strikes target in Syria (AAP)

16/8/16: Egyptian judoka sent home over handshake refusal with Israeli (Reuters)

13/8/16: Rio 2016: Egyptian booed for not shaking hands with Israeli (Reuters)

10/8/16: Israel arrests UN Gaza employee ‘for aiding Hamas’ (AFP)

4/8/16: Israeli victims of 1972 Games honoured 44 years on (Reuters)

26/7/16: Syrian army reports Israeli strikes (AAP)

20/7/16: Kenyan-born runner Chemtai going the distance for Israel (Reuters)

13/7/16: Israeli athletes pay tribute to Munich Games victims ahead of Rio (Reuters)

12/7/16: Israeli response to Dateline’s story

9/7/16: Maverick MP Katter calls for immigration limits to the Sikhs, the Jews, and the Christians, Christians in the Middle East

6/7/16: Jewish organisation condemns Hanson (AAP)

6/7/16: Water shortages in the West Bank have left residents struggling to find supplies for Eid

6/7/16: Israel approves hundreds of new settler homes (AAP)

4/7/16: Israeli minister accuses Facebook of hindering security efforts (Reuters)

16/6/16: Israel approves new settler homes (AAP)

11/6/16: Israel destroys West Bank attacker’s home (AAP)

9/6/16: Permits allowing Palestinians to enter Israel for Ramadan frozen after attacks (AAP)

9/6/16: Why the latest terror attack in Israel is disturbingly different (by Ben Winsor, Source:The Feed)

7/6/16: Google bans ‘Jew detector’ app from its store for hate speech

4/6/16: Chance of two-state solution fading: Paris (AAP)

30/5/16: Israel just lurched dangerously to the right, former foreign minister Bob Carr says

27/4/16: Israeli police kill two Palestinians in West Bank (AAP)

19/4/16: US feels ‘overwhelming frustration’ with Israel’s expansion of settlements (Reuters)

25/2/16: Oscar nominees urged to skip Israel trip

10/3/16: US hopes to preserve two-state outcome for Israel, Palestinians

8/3/16: Israel’s Netanyahu declines offer to meet with Obama: White House (Reuters).  Check out the two part series ‘Netanyahu at War’ currently available on SBS On Demand

25/2/16: Oscar nominees urged to skip Israel trip



14/12/16: Scores to visit the Holy Land for Christmas (EFE)

11/12/16: Prague’s Jewish cemetery to be digitised (AAP)

4/12/16: Stolen Nazi gate found in Norway (AAP)

25/11/16: Twelve arrested over mass Israel wildfires (Reuters)

14/9/16: Syria claims it shot down Israeli aircraft (AAP)

13/9/16: Facebook partners with Israel to end violence (AP)

5/9/16: Two dead after building collapses in Israel (Reuters)

8/7/16: Possible EgyptAir wreckage found in Israel (Reuters)

30/6/16: Another fatal attack in the West Bank (Reuters)

20/5/16: Israel defence minister slams Netanyahu (Reuters)

12/5/16: Candidate slammed for Nazi camp comment

1/4/16: Brussels attack crisis centre operator fired (DPA)

29/3/16: Killing video sparks uproar in Israel (AAP)




15/12/16: SA man charged with advocating terrorism after allegedly posting anti-Jewish videos by Candice Prosser

6/12/16: Shimshon Yurkowicz resigns from Rabbinic Council in wake of royal commission findings by Melissa Brown

30/11/16: Holocaust exhibition telling stories of survivors opens at Australian War Memorial

30/11/16: Palestine’s Fatah party holds first congress in seven years; talk of appointing deputy for President Abbas by Sophie McNeill

28/11/16: Vladimir Putin’s spokesman’s wife criticised over ‘Holocaust on ice’ dance

28/11/16: Child abuse royal commission: Rabbi inaction failed abuse victims within Yeshiva community (Sarah Farnsworth)

26/11/16: Melbourne Holocaust survivors recount the ‘miracle’ of random acts of kindness

15/11/16: Trump presidency gives Israel ‘unique opportunity to reset’ Middle East policies – Naftali Bennett

15/11/16: Israel to launch expedition in Judean Desert to find more Dead Sea Scrolls

14/11/16: President Trump: The most pro Israel president ever? (Sophie McNeill)

9/11/16: Israel rejects Middle East peace conference in Paris as distraction from direct Palestinian negotiations (Reuters)

27/10/16: ‘Donald Trump will let Israel be itself’: Republican supporters rally in Jerusalem’s Old City (Reuters)

21/10/16: Tattoo artists help Israeli war wounded ‘reclaim their bodies’ and cover scars (AP)

9/10/16: Hobart boat captain Madeleine Habib detained during Gaza protest returns home

7/10/16: Pink Floyd ‘reunites’ in support of pro-Palestinian sailing mission as activists expected to be deported

6/10/16: Israel detains female pro-Palestine activist boat captained by Hobart woman (AP/ABC)

1/10/16: Shimon Peres funeral briefly brings Israeli, Palestinian leaders together (ABC/Reuters)

29/9/16: Temple toilet: Israel archaeologists find taboo latrine at ‘holy of holies’ ancient Jewish shrine (AFP)

28/9/16: Shimon Peres: the man who helped lead Israel to nationhood (Jonathan Flynn)

28/9/16: Former Israeli president Shimon Peres dies at 93 (AFP)

22/9/16: En-Gedi: Ancient scrolls ‘virtually’ deciphered to reveal earliest Old Testament scripture (AFP)

17/9/16: Israeli forces kill Palestinian who ‘stabbed soldier’ as West Bank violence surges (Reuters)

14/9/16: Israel, US to sign $US38 billion military aid deal despite differences over Iran and Middle East peace process (AFP/wires)

11/9/16: World Vision suspends Gaza operation after allegations worker diverted funds to Hamas

6/9/16: Julie Bishop meets Palestinian leaders in West Bank; Israeli PM open to Russian-brokered talks (ABC/Reuters)

1/9/16: Israel’s Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company visits Australia for Sydney Opera House premiere

20/8/16: Man held over stabbing of Jewish man in French city of Strasbourg (AFP)

15/8/16: Israel demands Games ceremony for killed athletes in 1972 (Reuters)

11/8/16: Gaza aid workers fear restrictions on their work following Israel’s Hamas claims (AFP)

5/8/16: World Vision ‘shocked’ by Israel allegations Gaza manager diverted charity money to Hamas by Sophie McNeill

14/7/16: Hamas-built underground tunnels from Gaza to Israel spark fear of new war by Sophie McNeill

11/7/16: Philistine cemetery uncovered in archaeological dig in Israel, Goliath’s people were ‘normal sized’ (AFP)

4/7/16: Elie Wiesel: Mourners say farewell to Nobel laureate, Holocaust survivor in New York (AFP)

1/7/16: Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel named Victorian of the Year

29/6/16: Israeli, Turkish leaders restore ties, Gaza aid shipment after years of acrimony by Sophie McNeill

23/6/16: Melbourne’s Jewish community farewells iconic St Kilda cake shop owner Masha Zeleznikow

22/06/16: Israeli military says soldiers accidentally shot Palestinian teenager dead

17/6/16: Jewish group disgusted at auction of Nazi relics, including underpants  (AFP)

11/6/16: Israel’s move to cancel Palestinian entry permits may be ‘collective punishment’, UN rights official says

10/6/16: Melbourne Rabbi sets up first centre for Jewish life in far north Queensland

8/6/16: Malka Leifer: Bid to keep alleged paedophile off Israeli streets fails, bail returned

3/6/16: Malka Leifer: Australian principal accused of 74 child sex charges walks free in Israel  by Middle East correspondent Sophie McNeill and Fouad Abu-Ghosh

30/5/16: Charges recommended for Netanyahu’s wife

30/5/16: Australian oil contractor killed in workplace accident in occupied Golan Heights in Israel

26/5/16: Avigdor Lieberman: Israeli PM Netanyahu names controversial far-right politician as new defence chief

12/05/16: McDonald’s: NSW man loses fight to register ‘McKosher’ trademark for Jewish Scottish restaurant

10/5/16: ‘Anti-Israel’ play in VCE curriculum prompts attack on Government

2/5/16: Schindler’s ring: Unassuming piece of Holocaust history almost thrown away

25/4/16: Israel Frees Youngest Palestinian Prisoner (AAP)

7/4/16: Malka Leifer ‘manipulated us’: Alleged paedophile who preyed on secretive Jewish community

1/4/16: Lionel Messi sparks outrage in Egypt after donating boots on television for charity auction (AFP)

14/3/16: Three Palestinians shot dead in West Bank, Israeli army says (Reuters) Identical report from 7 News below.

9/3/16: Palestinian stabs 10 people, killing US tourist, near Jaffa Port in Israel by Sophie McNeill

26/2/16: Palestinian teachers strike raises concerns over intolerance of dissent under President Mahmoud Abbas reported by Sophie McNeill



6/12/16: Israel knew of Iran link in sub deal: minister (AFP)

2/12/16: Gazans hope Coca-Cola plant refreshes economy (AFP)

30/11/16: Palestinian start-ups innovate way past obstacles (AFP)

30/11/16: Ban urges Israel and Palestinians to save peace hopes (AFP)

26/11/16: Foreign planes combat Israel wildfires as arrests made (AFP)

22/11/16: The story of the Dachau jacket and Jewish prisoner 84679 (AP)

19/11/16: Israeli Arabs, Gazans protest against ‘quiet mosques’ bill (AFP)

16/11/16: Dead Sea brings laughter and pain (AAP)

15/11/16: Hopeful Israel invites bids for gas exploration (AFP)

4/11/16: Israeli court questions football on Jewish Sabbath (AFP)



15/12/16: Adelaide man charged over terror offences allegedly made videos of ‘how to kill Jews’

14/12/16: Boy’s organs donated after father died trying to break his fall from Israel cliff (AFP)

13/12/16: Trump blasts F-35 fighters (RAW)

6/12/16: Disgraced Israeli mogul jailed for share rigging (AFP)

29/11/16: Orthodox abuse victims ostracised: Inquiry (AAP)

27/11/16: Israeli settlers flee as West Bank wildfires spread (AFP)

22/11/16: Bid to quieten Muslim call to prayer amplifies Israel tensions (AFP)

15/11/16: Donald Trump’s appointments set up a Hunger Games in the White House

14/11/16: Israel bill limiting noise from mosques sparks fears for religious freedom (AFP)

9/10/16: Palestinian gunman kills two in Jerusalem before being shot dead (AFP)

7/10/16: Tasmanian activist asks Australia for help after being detained in Israel

2/10/16: Israel reportedly gives go-ahead for 98 West Bank settler homes (AFP)

22/9/16: Ancient Hebrew scrolls reveal earliest copy of Old Testament (AFP)

19/9/16: Palestinian ‘executed’ after Israeli checkpoint knife attack

13/9/16: Syrian army claims to have shot down Israeli warplane and drone (with AFP)

30/8/16: Palestine ready to take part in ‘fair’ peace initiative with Israel (AFP)

29/8/16: Iranian wrestler forced to forfeit match to avoid facing Israel

3/8/16: Palestinian girl cries as Israeli soldier steals her bicycle

14/7/16: Discovery of Gaza tunnels sparks fear of Hamas offensive

9/7/16: Wreckage that washed up on Israeli beach believed to belong to missing EgyptAir plane (with AFP)

6/7/16: Israeli soldiers shoot knife-wielding woman

10/6/16:Attack prompts Israel to suspend permits

8/6/16: Auschwitz museum recovers long-lost belongings of Jews murdered at Nazi death camps

25/3/16: Israel soldier held after video shows wounded Palestinian shot in head (AFP)

18/11/16: ISIS plot to attack Israeli national football team thwarted

6/10/16: Pakistani scholar sent packing after suggesting all Jews be wiped out

19/9/16: No boycott as Tunisia’s Jaziri defeats Israel’s Sela for Istanbul title (AFP)

27/5/16: Palestinian football counting on its Israeli Arab stars (AFP)

26/4/16: Arab, Jewish, footballers scuffle after goaless league game (AFP)

16/3/16: Palestinian child survivor of firebombing to meet Real Madrid stars  (Sports report)


AustraliaNetwork30/6/16: Secret Holocaust Tunnel Found: Dug by Jewish Prisioners by Spoons From Dead Bodies

4/6/16: Melbourne Principal Accused of 74 Child Sex Charges Found Mentally Disturbed, Faces No Extradition

22/3/16: Sanders Slams Israel For Killing Thousands of Civilians in Gaza, Skips Pro- Jerusalem Event

16/3/16: Perth’s Nazi Memorabilia Store Sparks Jewish Protests




11/12/16: Mementos of the Holocaust: How I escaped the Nazis by Candace Sutton

28/11/16: Russia’s version of Dancing With The Stars features a pair dressed as Jewish concentration camp prisoners (Ian Horswill, News Corp Australia Network)

28/11/16: Israeli forces kill four gunmen linked to the Islamic State in western Syria (AFP and staff writers)

25/11/16: Israel fires: Tens of thousands flee as blaze hits Haifa (AFP and staff writers)

23/11/16: Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan can’t say whether Israel or Holocaust ‘more barbarous’ (staff writer)

8/11/16: Israel’s lessons for Aussie start-ups (Frank Chung)

28/10/16: Israel heralds first direct evidence of King Solomon’s Temple

25/10/16: Gumtree slammed for selling Nazi memorabilia

3/10/16: Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte apologises to Jewish community for Hitler remarks (AP and staff writers)

2/10/16: Miracle that saved girl from Auschwitz gas chamber (Paul Ewart)

1/10/16: World leaders gather in Israel for Shimon Peres’ funeral (

Staff writers and AFP,News Corp Australia Network)

29/9/16: Archaeologists unearth ancient gate-shrine in Israel (Fox News)

28/9/16: Israel’s Shimon Peres dies aged 93 after stroke (Staff writer and AFP, News Corp Australia Network)

16/9/16: Arab Israeli charged with killing mother (Staff Writer, AP)

14/9/16: Former Israel president Shimon Peres suffers stroke (AFP)

1/9/16: Holocaust survivor’s one regret over his murderous Nazi plot

13/8/16: ‘Not what the Olympics are about’ (Jai Bednall with AP)

5/8/16: DFAT suspends World Vision Palestine Aid after allegations charity money went to militant group Hamas

25/7/16: Why tourists are flocking to these ‘terror tunnels’

22/7/16: Gaza ‘terror tunnels’ become tourist attractions

19/7/16: Palestinians are using Pokemon Go to highlight political grievances

11/7/16: The real victims of Iran’s empty war cries

22/6/16: Bold plan for $6 billion artificial island off the Gaza strip (David K. Li/NY Post)

18/3/16: Trump comparisons with Hitler ‘deeply offensive’, Jewish leaders warn


huffington6/11/16: Donald Trump’s Closing Ad Has Anti-Semitic Overtones



theage25/11/16: Israel fire: thousands evacuated (video)

25/3/16: Israeli soldier detained for shooting wounded Palestinian



25/11/16: Israeli PM calls arsonists ‘terrorists’ (video)