Vic Alhadeff (letters June 27) would have us believe there are ‘two protaganonists’ having it out in a fair fight over Palestine.

This portrayal of the conflict is one of the standard canards routinely promulgated by Israel’s apologists. But tit fails to recognise the glaring power disparities involved.

It is quite obvious that Israel has no intention of ever letting the Palestinians achieve a viable state and for as long as that remains the policy of the Zionist regime, prospects for the Palestinians will remain bleak.

The Zionist regime is not the nice, reasonable organisation Vic and his ilk would have us believe; it is a genocidal apartheid regime that will continue its slaughter.

John Scrivener, Main Arm in Echo NetDaily.

[Note: this letter is in response to one by Vic Alhadeff (NSW Jewish Board of Deputies), countering an earlier letter by the author of this latest letter.]