The Twinning Reaction comes to Jewish International film festival

Featured at Jewish International Film Festival (JIFF), the independent documentary ‘The Twinning Reaction’ tackles issues of injustice, ethics, and race.

Lori Shinseki’s latest documentary is a shocking exposé that centres on the 1960s Neubauer-Bernard study, and the families it broke. Identical sets of twins and triplets were separated as infants and never told about their respective halves. All the while, they were continually and secretly studied for years in an attempt to understand the nature versus nurture theory.

‘The Twinning Reaction’ is the 2018 JIFF programme launch event feature film. Lori is honoured and humbled to have her film presented alongside another 60 plus Jewish and Israeli films. Having already been shown at multiple film festivals in the States, Lori says she is warmed by its reception and happy to extend it to Australian audiences. “I’m so moved by the audience’s reaction because I’m not always there to see or attend every showcasing.”

“I feel like the film has gotten such a warm reception from the Jewish community because this story starts taking place right after World War 2, when so many families were separated because of the Holocaust and there was just so much loss… Many of the adoptive parents in my film were Holocaust refugees who came from Europe to escape Hitler.”

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