Democrats would ‘leave Israel out there’, Trump tells Jewish voters

Las Vegas | President Donald Trump warned on Saturday (Sunday AEST) that a Democratic victory in 2020 could “leave Israel out there”, as he highlighted his pro-Israel actions in an effort to make the case for Jewish voters to back his re-election.

Speaking at the annual meeting of the Republican Jewish Coalition, Mr Trump touted his precedent-shredding actions to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv and recognition last month of Israeli sovereignty over the disputed Golan Heights, a strategic plateau that Israel seized from Syria in 1967.

“We got you something that you wanted,” Mr Trump said of the embassy move, adding: “Unlike other presidents, I keep my promises.”

The group, backed by GOP mega-donor Sheldon Adelson, supported Mr Trump’s 2016 campaign and is preparing to spend millions on his 2020 effort.

“I know that the Republican Jewish Coalition will help lead our party to another historic victory,” Mr Trump said. “We need more Republicans. Let’s go, so we can win everything.”

Jewish voters in the US have traditionally sided heavily with Democrats – and are often ideologically liberal – but Republicans are hoping to narrow the gap next year, in part as Mr Trump cites actions that he says demonstrate support for Israel.

The Jewish Democratic Council of America on Saturday said American Jews leaving the Democratic Party were a Republican fantasy.

Read the article by Zeke Miller in the Australian Financial Review (AAP).