Chabad North Shore Jewish leaders plan mikvah, childcare

A pristine pool of water which Jewish people would use to `purify’ themselves has been proposed for St Ives.

The leaders of Chabad North Shore, a branch of the Chabad-Lubavitch Judaism movement, have plans for the `mikvah’, a bathhouse, at its College Cres headquarters.

Chabad leaders provide worship, cultural and family services at the site.

Jewish people may visit a mikvah at various stages of their lives.

Those converting to the faith, a woman about to be married and those marking holy days are among those who may seek to immerse themselves in the water.

Chabad North Shore Rabbi Nochum Schapiro said the mikvah was a spiritual place.

“It’s there to bring purification,” he said.

“It’s a pristine body of water that has to be made in an exact way, using rainwater.”

The organisation has a mikvah and childcare centre at Killeaton St, St Ives.

While the land has been sold, both services will remain open until replacements are built at College Cres.

Read the article by Steven Deare in the North Shore Times edition of The Daily Telegraph.