Israel: Hamas rocket killed Gaza civilians

The Israeli military says an errant Palestinian rocket that misfired – not an Israeli air strike – caused the death of a pregnant Palestinian mother and her 14-month-old girl in the Gaza Strip.

Military spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus on Sunday disputed the Gaza Health Ministry’s statement that an Israeli strike killed the Palestinian woman, 37, and her daughter, Seba Abu Arar, in their east Gaza City home the previous day.

He says these were all deemed “high-quality,” legitimate militant sites, including the homes of militants in which militant activity was taking place. He says he has no knowledge of civilians being harmed by Israeli fire.

After being struck by shrapnel on Sunday, the 58-year-old died of his wounds, marking the first Israeli casualty from rocket fire since the 2014 war with Hamas militants.

Israel’s Iron Dome defence system intercepted dozens of the projectiles but four Israelis were wounded, including an elderly man who’s in a critical condition.

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