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New York Times pulls the plug on political cartoons in ‘knee-jerk reaction’ to anti-Semitic cartoon controversy

The New York Times has announced it will stop publishing political cartoons in its international edition from next month.

The decision comes less than two months after the publication came under fire for publishing a cartoon featuring Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump, which many dubbed anti-Semitic.

Herald Sun cartoonist Mark Knight said it’s a disappointing development.

“To see a newspaper dump all cartoons is a knee-jerk reaction, and one which is over the top,” he told 3AW’s Tom Elliott.

“We were supposed to be heralding the age of free speech, diversity of opinion and the contest of ideas, and I think it’s all going the other way.

“I think people are scared of the outrage industry and the damage it can do to one’s business if an online campaign starts with boycotts and threats.”

Mr Knight is no stranger to controversy.

He was widely criticised for a controversial cartoon he drew of Serena Williams last year, but he said it hasn’t changed the way he approaches drawing.

“It’s not going to change the way I do things.

“Of course I’m cautious about what I say, but I always was,” he said.

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