Aliza’s Place Cafe targeted by anti-Semitic vandals in Chadstone

A daughter of Holocaust survivors, who moved to Melbourne for a better life for her kids, has been left shaken after her business was targeted with anti-Semitic graffiti.

Brighton East woman Aliza Shuvaly arrived at her Chadstone cafe just after 9am on Thursday morning and discovered the shocking scrawl on her back fence.

“The Holocaust is a lie,” it read — with a swastika painted beside it.

The attack shocked and horrified Ms Shuvaly, who has always worked to ensure her Batesford Rd business, Aliza’s Place Cafe, was a welcoming place for all.

“My heart feels like it’s running too fast and I am shaking,” she told the Herald Sun.

“I thought, ‘this can’t happen here’. I’m scared even to say that it happened to me … Am I a target now?”

She was initially in so much shock, she did not know where to go or what to do.

“I was scared to put it out there because I don’t want to be a target now but on the other side, we need to stop these crimes,” she said.

The small business owner looked at her CCTV cameras with police but could not identify the culprit who targeted the back fence of the business with white spray paint overnight.

Read the article by Tamsin Rose in the Herald Sun.