Holocaust survivor George Goldsteen meets auctioneer to raise concerns over Nazi memorabilia sale

Armitage Auctions will be attempting to auction off several items of Nazi memorabilia on Wednesday, August 7, including a Hitler Youth belt buckle and an SS officer’s ring.

The decision has incensed the national Anti-Defamation Commission, with chairman Dvir Abramovich saying Armitage Auctions had chosen “profits over doing the right thing by Holocaust survivors”.

Mr Goldsteen, 77, of Launceston, was just a toddler when about 65 members of his extended family were killed at Auschwitz.

He said he had had a “nice conversation” with auctioneer Neil O’Brien on Tuesday, and determined that he wouldn’t be “protesting in the street” as a result of the items being auctioned off.

“After I had the discussion with Mr O’Brien, I’ve taken a more relaxed attitude to [the auction] because I explained to him, ‘It’s not a legal issue, obviously, it’s a moral issue’ and he agreed,” Mr Goldsteen said.

“Obviously, I’m very concerned about the uprising of … anti-Semitism [currently].”

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