I find Danny Wakil’s letter (31 July) to be both specious and disingenuous.

How does he expect cooperation from the Palestinians when they are constantly provoked and confronted by the Israeli government? Just yesterday (August 1) they announced the establishment of thousands of new Jewish homes on Palestinian territory.

A short time ago I saw an interview with Tzipi Livni, who’s supposed to hold left-wing views on the subject; her solution to the problem was to return the West Bank to the Palestinians without abandoning the illegal Jewish settlements. As the majority of Jewish settlements seem to be built on strategic high places the surrounding Palestinians would still effectively be under jewish control.

Then there is the matter of disproportionate reaction to Palestinian activities. A while ago the Israelis devastated Gaza by extensive bombing  in reaction to the murder of three Jewish boys.

Everyone assumes these boys were killed by muslims but Im afraid I believe there are Zionists fanatical enough to consider that the sacrifice three of their own is a small price to pay to achieve their aim of returning all the biblical lands of ancient Judea and Israel to Jewish control. I realise many people will be outraged by this opinion but if considered dispassionately it is not an impossible conclusion.

David Gilet, Byron Bay in Echo NetDaily.