Bank Art Museum Moree set to open Courage to Care exhibition

Bank Art Museum Moree (BAMM) is set to host Courage to Care in November; a unique historical exhibition that aims to inspire audiences through its positive message based on our shared humanity.

The exhibition centres around stories and objects from World War II and the Holocaust.

It highlights and honours the courage of ordinary people in the past, who despite facing great personal risk, took action to help others.

The exhibition demonstrates the impact of discrimination through personal stories of Holocaust survivors and their relatives, and encourages empathy and compassion for those currently experiencing prejudice or discrimination.

By challenging visitors to critically reflect on their personal values, the exhibition prompts us to consider our actions and to have the courage to care for others.

Courage to Care was developed as a community outreach initiative to help raise awareness of issues such as racism.

The exhibition educates audiences, and the message to take away is that every individual has the potential to make a difference.

It empowers participants to be more than mere bystanders, instead encouraging us all to be ‘upstanders’ and take positive action when confronted with any injustice in society, allowing ordinary people to create extraordinary acts.

BAMM has already received bookings from over 800 students within a two hour radius and is encouraging local adult groups to get involved and book their free guided tour.

A major local component of the program is the recognition of two Local Heroes; both Indigenous and non-Indigenous.

Community members are encouraged to nominate candidates that make a continued or long-term positive contribution to the Moree Shire community.

Read the article by Jem Nash in the Moree Champion.