No ban on Nazi item sales as new auction looms

About 35 items, including an SS ring, swastika-adorned badges, pins and medals, and a copy of Hitler’s Mein Kampf, are listed for sale at an auction to be held on Wednesday.

The latest auction follows an event in August which featured similar items, along with a Hitler Youth belt and a Luftwaffe officer’s sash, which Premier Will Hodgman said “clearly” broke a community standard.

Dozens of Nazi Germany artefacts were sold at a West Australian auction in June. Last year, a Canberra auction house went ahead with a sale – while Melbourne action house withdrew items after backlash.

Building and Construction Minister Elise Archer acknowledged that the display or sale of the items could be “often considered offensive, distressing and a breach of community and moral standards”, but said the government was not considering regulatory action.

She added that though not illegal, the government “applauded” the actions of many auction houses or online retailers who were already choosing not to sell such items.

“While the Government strongly urges any individual or organisation in Tasmania to think twice about seeking to profit from the sale of such items … the Government, following a review of other national and international jurisdictions, is not considering any regulatory action at this time.”

Read the article by Matt Dennien in The Newcastle Herald.