Steal of the Century

How can any rational person applaud the fanfaronading of Trump and Netanyahu as they announce the ‘Deal of the Century’ which promises Palestinians billions of dollars if they just totally submit to Israel’s colonisation of their land and culture?

It should be blatantly obvious that nothing good for Palestinians would come from these two exemplars of moral turpitude, both desperately trying to save their political skins and avoid criminal conviction. Close inspection of Trump’s ‘Peace to Prosperity’ shows that its proposals, without Palestinian consultation, violate international law at every turn.

All of us have the responsibility of opposing the predatory colonialism of the Israeli apartheid state and supporting justice for Palestine. As Anna Fulder wrote, regarding the Stasi regime in the former GDR, ‘People who speak out against tyranny do so to save the rest of us; we are linked in a chain of responsibility so powerful it feels biological’.

Gareth Smith, Byron Bay in EchoNet Daily.