Nazi swastika spotted flying from light tower at Robertson Oval in Wagga

Veteran Tony Mason was exercising at the gym next to Robertson Oval early that afternoon when he spotted the offensive flag from a distance.

He said he initially thought it looked suspicious and after looking closer, realised the flag was sporting the symbol of the Nazi Party.

Mr Mason said as a veteran, the symbol raised an additional level of emotion.

“Things like that sort of catch your eye,” he said.

“It’s just not very community-minded to do something like that.”

Wagga police Superintendent Bob Noble said police had not yet been contacted, but they may not be able to charge the culprit should they be found.

“If it were reported, it isn’t really a criminal offence so we would not be able to do much in that situation,” he said.

“But I do hope it doesn’t become a series of occurrences around town, we don’t need that type of message in our community.”

Wagga mayor Greg Conkey has condemned the flag, saying it does not reflect the majority of the community’s views.

“I’m outraged, and I know a vast amount of people in Wagga would be outraged,” he said.

“It doesn’t reflect this city in any way, shape, or form. I’ll get onto it and make sure the flag is removed first thing.”

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