Tasmanian Liberal senator supports banning the public displaying of Nazi symbols

The incident in Perth came in the same week as the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation highlighted the growing terrorism threat of far-right extremism in Australia.

Under Tasmanian law, it is not illegal to publicly display Nazi images, however it could fall foul of the state’s Anti-Discrimination Act if a complaint was made.

Tasmanian Liberal senator Claire Chandler said she would be supportive of moves to clearly ban Nazi symbols from being publicly displayed.

“I would support any legislative approach by state governments to ban the Nazi flag and similar Nazi displays,” she said.

“The atrocities committed by the Nazis should be known to everyone and it is appalling that anyone would wish to associate themselves with Nazi beliefs or symbols.”

Senator Chandler this week addressed terrorism risks during a speech in the Senate, arguing against the release of eight convicted terrorists who are due for release shortly.

Read the article by Adam Holmes in The Examiner (Tasmania).