Controversial celebrity chef Pete Evans canned by Seven Network

On Thursday, Evans urged his 231,000 Instagram followers to tune in to a three-hour interview with conspiracy theorist and Holocaust-denier David Icke.

In the interview, Mr Icke claimed that COVID-19 was a “fake pandemic with no virus” and suggested that pandemic-related deaths were actually brought on by 5G antenna installations.

Mr Icke went on to suggest that social distancing regulations were akin to “Nazi Germany fascism”.

In recent weeks, Evans has shared many cryptic videos and Instagram posts relating to coronavirus conspiracy theories, including an anti-vax post on Wednesday.

His followers were quick to call him out on the questionable interview with Mr Icke, prompting Labor MP Josh Burns to pen a letter encouraging Evans to reconsider his promotion of the conspiracy theorist.

“I felt that it is important you are aware of the offensive historical works by Mr Icke,” wrote Burns in the letter, seen by The Guardian.

“Mr Icke was denied a visa to Australia for good reason – his conspiracy theories incite hatred of Jewish people.

“David Icke is not just controversial; he is a racist. He espouses a dark and old form of anti-Semitism that is personally offensive and that has no place in Australian society,” Burns wrote.

“While we obviously do not agree on vaccinations, I would hope that we could agree that all forms of racism must be confronted and opposed. As such, I ask you to not promote Mr Icke and his abhorrent views again.”

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