The How Two Live sisters discuss their Jewish identity and why they chose not to disclose it to their followers

When #JewishPrivilege began trending on Twitter, these sisters knew they had to speak up.

We were shocked to wake up the other week to find #JewishPrivilege trending on Twitter. Off the back of the recent wave of the Black Lives Matter movement, #WhitePrivilege was, and continues to be, a big part of the conversation.

We were quick to acknowledge the privileges we’ve personally received due to the colour of our skin, and we recorded a podcast episode on the ways that we felt we could be doing better within our purpose-led business.

But when we were asked to write an article sharing our experience as Jews living in Australia, we had two initial thoughts: firstly, our family is going to be so mad if we speak about being Jewish publicly. And secondly, what if another Holocaust happens? Then there’ll be documented proof of us being Jewish.

These thoughts might sound a little extreme if you’re not familiar with Jewish history, but being Jewish this line of thinking is the norm. How suddenly the narrative was being shifted to show the apparent privilege of being Jewish was completely unfathomable, and quite frankly, sickening.

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