Israel’s new web hosting rankings could boost online security worldwide

Platinum, gold and silver ranks could offer web hosting customers greater clarity over data security measures

Israel’s National Cyber Directorate is trialling a new safety benchmark system for web hosting security which, if successful, could have implications worldwide.

The program demands website hosting services showcase the measures in place to keep their customers’ sensitive data secure.

As with any other type of ranking system, the new benchmark scheme will provide a way for businesses to identify the most secure web hosting services, based on how each service is ranked.

Depending on the outcome of the trial, it may not take long for this type of ranking system to make its way to other countries across the globe.

In May of last year, thousands of Israeli websites were hacked and defaced with anti-Israel messages, all because the hacker gained access to just one local WordPress hosting provider.

More than 2,000 websites were hit with malicious code seeking permission to access visitors’ webcams.

According to a report from the Times of Israel, the new program will have three levels of security; web hosting service providers will fall under gold, silver or platinum depending on their ranking.

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