Fears Joe Biden is as ‘weak and feeble’ as he appears: Kenny

The “serious challenges” facing the US both at home and abroad are “designed” to test Joe Biden – a man perceived as a “weaker” president than his predecessor, according to Sky News host Chris Kenny.

“In Israel … at least 35 people have been killed, violence has been escalating, and Israel’s enemies, particularly Iran, have been boasting about the chaos,” Mr Kenny said. “And in large parts of the East Coast of the US there are major petrol shortages this week in the wake of a devastating cyber attack against a pipeline, the sort of cyber attack the US has been working hard to resist for years.

“So at home and abroad the US is currently facing serious challenges from other nations and from foreign actors. “None of this can be attributed directly to Joe Biden of course but much of it is designed to test a man perceived as a weaker and more predictable president than the volatile Donald Trump.

“We need him to be strong and decisive – but the fear is that he’s as feeble and as weak as he appears.”

Watch the video on Sky News.