Jewish community have ‘really had enough’ of ABC’s ‘anti-Israel’ stance

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says the Jewish community in Australia have “considerable anger” about the ABC lining up “four critics of Israel” on a recent QandA show – with only one individual to defend it.

“Why does the ABC hate Israel so much,” Mr Bolt said.

“You’d think from the absolutely constant hammering Israel was the worst country in the world, rather than the only true democracy in the Middle East – with terrorist neighbours like fascist Iran, Hamas in Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon all threatening to destroy it.

“The Jewish community here has really had enough now, there’s considerable anger about the ABC lining up four critics of Israel, no fewer than four, including a Muslim radical on a recent QandA show.

“And only one Liberal MP Dave Sharma, Indian descent – to defend it.”

Mr Bolt spoke with the head of the Australia Israel & Jewish Affairs Council Dr Colin Rubenstein on the matter on Sky News.