Greece, Israel and Cyprus affirm alliance based on shared values

The foreign ministers of Cyprus, Nikos Christodoulides, Greece, Nikos Dendias, and Israel, Yair Lapid, have affirmed during a meeting in Jerusalem their countries’ close ties, based on shared values.

Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias remarked that the wider region is seeing “extremely worrying developments” lately, namely religious fanaticism and spoke of an “arc of fundamentalism” spreading from North Africa to Afghanistan.

He contrasted those developments to the shared values also enunciated by his Isreli counterpart, Yair Lapid: promotion of peaceful coexistence, moderation, prosperity, international law.

“Our objective today was also to find new ways to institutionalise our participation of strategic partners of our trilateral scheme. You mentioned them, thank you,” Dendias said in his speech.

The Greek Foreign Minister then went on to thank Israel for its help with the wildfires that hit Greece earlier this month.

“This is something that has created a very positive element, our cooperation, to address climate change and the results of climate change,” Dendias said.

For his part, Cyprus’ Foreign Minister, Christodoulides, wrote on Twitter: “Our meeting is a visible confirmation of the strategic nature of this cooperation, that is here to stay and more importantly, to continue growing.”

The Israel Foreign Minister stressed how “this trilateral alliance is a strategic asset for all of us” as it “strengthens our economy, our security, our international standing.”

Read the article by Andriana Simos in The Greek Herald.