Professor Gil Troy – Lockdown Learning

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Date(s) - 23/08/2020
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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The ZFA hosted Prof. Gil Troy this time last year. The skies these days are closed, but we cannot wait to host Gil this weekend for our 21st Lockdown Learning conversation.

Adele Sto Lin and Gil will be discussing Zionism from theory to reality, looking at its challenges and triumphs in the diaspora and Israel. They’ll discuss the normalisation with the UAE and the protests outside the prime minister’s residence in Jerusalem. They’ll discuss Jewish engagement, the Zionist vision and, of course, Gil’s excellent book, The Zionist Ideas.

A ZFA favourite, Gil Troy, will grace our screens for our 21st Lockdown Learning conversation. Gil spoke at the ZFA Plenary conference last August (back when international travel was allowed!). He is rightly lauded as an invaluable Zionist thinker. His book, The Zionist Ideas, is well worth having on your bookshelf. (You can read the introduction here.) The introduction concludes with Gil’s call to “look back accurately—with a dash of romance—and to look forward creatively—with a touch of rigour—weighing what Zionism can mean and become, today and tomorrow.” That’s what we’ll be doing on Sunday, when ZFA office bearer and educational expert Adele Stowe-Lindner speaks with Gil from 8pm AEST (6pm in Perth, 1pm in Israel) on our Facebook page, and also on Zoom (click here to register).

Interestingly, Gil’s latest book is co-written by Natan Sharanksy, a man who forcefully lived his Zionist idea, was our very first Lockdown Learning guest, and who wrote the forward to The Zionist Ideas.