Israel’s main responsibility is security of its citizens

It’s unclear how much restraint Israel’s critics expect Israel to exercise in its attempts to prevent Hamas-inspired Palestinians breaching the Gaza-Israel border and invading nearby towns. Israel’s paramount consideration is the safety and security of its citizens.

Hamas might want to give some thought to what it considers to be its responsibilities to its citizens.

Mark Awerbuch, Crafers, SA

That an 8-month-old baby died as a result of tear gas inhalation is tragic. But why did the family take the child to a violent protest? They knew it would involve the burning of tyres by demonstrators, slingshots, grenades and volatile rioters.

Israel dropped leaflets warning the people of Gaza, pleading with them not to approach the border fence.

Hamas has already acknowledged that 50 of the 60 people killed on Tuesday and Wednesday were their men, not innocent protesters.

When will the headlines read: Hamas condemned for Gaza deaths; Hamas condemned for using women and children as human shields; Hamas incites frenzied protest?

Debbie Myerson, Dianella, WA

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