‘A true friend of Israel’: tributes flow for retiring Labor MP Michael Danby

Michael Danby has been hailed as a “true friend of Israel” and “important contributor on human rights” by his colleagues after a 20-year parliamentary career.

The Australian revealed today that Mr Danby will retire at the next election, having held his seat of Melbourne Ports since 1998.

Labor leader Bill Shorten congratulated Mr Danby on his two decades in parliament and a lifetime of service to the labour movement.

“Michael’s colleagues and his constituents know him as a champion for the arts and a true friend of Israel,” Mr Shorten said.

“Throughout his career Michael has always put fidelity to these principles ahead of any consideration of narrow political self-interest.

“It’s the reason I value Michael’s friendship and his advice so highly. Because you always know, regardless of the circumstances, he’s telling it to you straight.

Read the article by Rachel Baxendale in The Australian.