Nasty Nazi tactics on campus

Monash Uni covered in hateful stickers

A NEO-NAZI group plastered hate-filled stickers across Monash University’s Clayton campus just before its open day.

A Monash University spokeswoman, who refused to be named, said as part of a routine patrol security discovered offensive material posted around the campus.

“The material was removed swiftly, the incident was reported to police,” the spokeswoman said.

The stickers, which were put up by a neo-Nazi group on August 5, showed the swastika and a raised hand representing the Nazi salute.

The same group directed racist flyers at Chinese students at Monash and Melbourne universities last year.

Monash Student Association president Michael Fisher said the stickers had no place on campus.

“The MSA condemns the activities of all groups which seek to divide students by stoking racial tensions,” he said.

Anti-Defamation Commission chairman Dr Dvir Abramovich said it was a “sickening escalation of activity by white supremacists” who were “becoming more agitated and … determined to spread their message of hate”.

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