two kids dressed up

I want my child to be Moses, not Mary, in the school play

I was an angel in the school nativity play at my primary school. I remember clearly the beautiful white dress, thick opaque tights and fluffy wings. I wore bright red lipstick.

Every morning at St Andrews, an Anglican school in a Welkom, South Africa, I would respectfully kneel during prayers, before singing Morning has Broken, Our Father and when Christmas came, “Silent Night” – in German. Unlike most of the other children, however, I was Jewish.

The hymns I once sang as a child are beautiful and I can’t help but sing along even now, when I hear them. I still remember the words to each one, as I remember the story of Jesus (and the role of the angels). This is because they were taught to me in my formative years; in the years that children lay their spiritual, emotional, social and cognitive foundations.


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