Sir John Monash
by Bassano, vintage print, 1918

New push to promote Aussie war hero Monash

A new push is under way to posthumously promote World War One military commander General Sir John Monash to the Army’s highest rank of field marshal.

Independent MP Cathy McGowan has presented a private bill to federal parliament on Monday in the hope politicians will clear the way to promote the man widely regarded as Australia’s greatest-ever military commander.

Former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull blocked a previous campaign for the posthumous promotion in April after military leaders lobbied against the change.

Ms McGowan says the promotion would would be deserved recognition for a “man of great courage”, who not only served his country but also set up Victoria’s electricity service.

The step would give Australians an opportunity to learn about sacrifice, skill, leadership, victory, returning home from war and resilience, she says.

“I believe it would give the people of Australia a wonderful role model to aspire to,” she told parliament on Monday.

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