Crisis in Palestine

The humanitarian crisis in Palestine is such that imminent death due to starvation and disease currently threatens thousands of helpless civilians, half of them children, victims of Israeli actions and policies.

Israel doesn’t care about the Palestinians, it wants to normalise and legitimise its illegal settlements and its military occupation of the West Bank and its siege of Gaza. It ignores UN Security Council resolutions and violates international law with impunity.

This crisis is allowed to degenerate endlessly and without interest from corporate media or western polities which have their own history of slaughter and ethnic cleansing akin to what’s been ongoing in Palestine now for more than seventy years.

These days you don’t have to go beyond the website of Israel’s daily,, to find facts, analysis and opinions which are not permitted elsewhere in the western press, and to listen to the likes of Amira Hass or Miko Peled for insight into the nature of the slow motion genocide of Palestinians.

Israel is not a victim and its supporters do untold harm by seeking to silence critics and in trying to justify Israel’s denial of the right of Palestinians to a state of their own or equal rights within a one-state solution.

John Scrivener, Main Arm