Shorten steps in to quell Labor division on Israel

Bill Shorten has been forced to step in to defuse a growing split within Labor ranks over Palestine, stressing that Labor supports a two-state solution and Israel could work with both sides of politics.

The New Daily revealed on Monday that dumped Labor candidate Melissa Parke is standing by her claim that a Palestinian woman was forced to drink bleach, after it emerged the incident was reported at the time by Reuters.

It has now been revealed that Western Australian Labor MP Josh Wilson was recorded at an event suggesting Israeli checkpoints were a place that Palestinians “went to die”. That meeting was also attended by Labor senator Sue Lines.

“Firstly, Mr Wilson and Senator Lines have re-confirmed this morning they support Labor Party policy,” Mr Shorten said on Monday.

“For the sake of clarity, the Israeli ambassador … said they could work with both sides of politics.

“Labor Party policy is very clear, and all my candidates have signed up … We support a two-state solution and the aspirations of the Palestinian people for statehood.”

In a statement, Mr Wilson said he supported Labor’s policy.

“I support Labor’s policy of a two-state solution, which recognises the right of Israel and Palestine to exist within secure and recognised borders,” he said.

Read the article by Samantha Maiden in The New Daily.