Malka Leifer to remain in Israel prison after court overturns decision to free her

An alleged abuse victim of former Melbourne teacher Malka Leifer has expressed relief after a decision to release the former Melbourne teacher from an Israeli prison was overturned.

An alleged abuse victim of Malka Leifer literally woke up from a nightmare about her former school principal to discover that she had been kept behind bars in Israel.

The Supreme Court in Israel announced early today that it had overturned an earlier court decision to release Leifer, who is facing 74 sexual abuse charges in Australia, to house arrest at her sister’s home.

Dassi Erlich said the decision to overturn Leifer’s release under house arrest was a “small step on a long road to justice.”

“I actually woke up at 4am from a nightmare about Leifer. That was definitely worth waking up to that news,” she said.

“Today’s decision just gave me a little more confidence in the justice system, it’s become a very political case.”

Judge Anat Baron said in her judgment that she was concerned the former Melbourne teacher might flee Israel if released.

“The respondent fled from Australia to Israel shortly after the suspicions against her began to be revealed, and only two days after she was suspended from her position as school principal — and this is enough to raise a real concern about the recurrence of this course of action,” she said.

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