Deeply awkward symbol on Trump T-shirt

Donald Trump’s re-election campaign is selling merchandise bearing a symbol awkwardly reminiscent of one used by Nazi Germany.

The symbol in question appears on a product called the “America First Tee” which retails for $US30. There’s a male and female version of the T-shirt.

It features the words “America First” above an image of an eagle with its wings spread and its talons gripping a circular version of the American flag.

“Show your support for re-electing President Donald J. Trump! Let everyone know who you are voting for in 2020,” the product description says.

“We finally have a President that puts AMERICA first. America is strong again, safe again, GREAT again.”

It’s 100 per cent cotton, with a “durable rib” neckband, which I can only assume is the absolute best type of neckband.

The bald eagle was chosen to be the national emblem of the United States all the way back in the 1700s, when the fledgling nation first won its independence from Great Britain.

The eagle is not usually shown in this position though, and for good reason.

The Nazis used a symbol called the Reichsadler – Imperial Eagle, in English – as Germany’s official national insignia after an edict from Adolf Hitler in 1935.

The Reichsadler featured an eagle with its wings spread, and its talons clutching a circular wreath with a swastika inside.

Read the article by Sam Clench in the CQNews.