Nazi eagle

Donald Trump under fire for ‘nazi eagle’ re-election campaign shirt

US President Donald Trump has been accused of ‘ripping off’ symbolism used by nazi Germany in the design of one of his official t-shirts.

The image, showing a t-shirt bearing an American flag with an eagle poised on top and the words ‘America First’, was quickly compared to imagery used by the nazis due to its likeness.

The nazi imagery shows the eagle in a similar position, holding a Swastika, which was the co-official national flag of Germany under Hitler’s regime in 1933 and the sole national flag in 1935.

“Come. On,” tweeted the Lincoln Project, a Republican anti-Trump political action committee.

General Michael Hayden, former director of the CIA, also tweeted his dismay.

Others were also quick to express their disgust.

Writer and lecturer Molly McKew said even the words ‘America First’ were problematic for historical reasons.

“Everybody’s going nuts about the new Trump campaign logo but people FFS “America First” was the propaganda of the American Nazi Party and Trump used it anyway and didn’t care and basically no one called him on it and GOP voters still think it is mad genius,” she said.

Trump’s deputy director of communications and research Zach Parkinson said the comparison to the nazi eagle was ‘stupid’ as eagle imagery was used in a number of American government logos.

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