Palestinian son scales hospital wall to sit with mum sick with coronavirus

A video of a young Palestinian man who climbed the wall of a hospital to sit with his mum while she was sick with COVID-19 has gone viral.

The heartwarming video shows Jihad Al-Suwaiti, 30, who was determined to visit his mother Rasma Salema after she tested positive for coronavirus.

Video shows the devoted son scaling the walls of the intensive care unit of a hospital in Hebron in Palestine’s southern West Bank. Despite a ban on visitors in the hospital, Mr Al-Suwaiti used a drain pipe to climb the wall, before sitting on a window ledge looking into his mother’s hospital room.

Mr Al-Suwaiti was filmed then sitting and watching over his mother, who had COVID-19 and had also been living with leukaemia. The devoted son returned to sit with his mother every day until Ms Salema passed away last Thursday, according to Bored Panda.

Read the article by Phoebe Loomes in The Advertiser.