When hateful racism becomes this shocking, police do go knocking

“Holohoax … six million lies” … “i would luv to see them Jews … publicly hung” … And in response to a report that almost half of the Jewish sites in Syria had been destroyed or damaged, this gem: “Good payback for all the deaths to these innocent people … reap what you sew filth, from the river to the sea Palestine will be free.”

These disturbing contributions are a random selection of the more palatable – it’s all relative – anti-Semitic messages posted on the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies’ Facebook site in recent days. And don’t think the author sought to conceal his name. Far from it: he was content to identify himself as he peddled his vitriol.

Not that it would have excused the offensiveness, but the posts had nothing to do with either the pandemic or the Black Lives Matter movement, both of which have attracted bizarre anti-Semitic elements, blaming Jews for spreading the virus and accusing Israel – with zero basis in reality – of teaching American police officers to kill black citizens.

These Facebook posts were “merely” hateful rhetoric from a man tossing out such pejorative terms as “Kike” and “Yid’ while threatening another Holocaust. The Board of Deputies lodged a complaint with the police, who sent detectives to the perpetrator’s home to warn him that they would be monitoring his activities, their response based on classifying his comments as “harassment” under federal telecommunications legislation.

Read the article by Vic Alhadeff in the Brisbane Times.