Neo-Nazi leader in Jewish hate blitz

A Melbourne neo-Nazi leader has targeted a prominent Jewish community advocate in a series of vile and threatening social media posts, sparking concerns that far-right extremist groups are becoming increasingly emboldened.

Thomas Sewell, the self-proclaimed head of the National Socialist Network, used the Telegram social media platform to share a digitally doctored image depicting Anti-Defamation Commission chairman Dvir Abramovich inside a gas chamber with a yellow Star of David superimposed on his forehead.

The same image also shows Mr Sewell making a Nazi-style salute, and captioned “F..k Dvir”. Other posts include a poll asking his almost 10,000 followers to vote on whether Dr Abramovich was a “filthy jew k..e vampire c..t”.

Dr Abramovich reported the posts to Victoria Police and has renewed calls for the federal government to designate neo-Nazi groups as terrorist organisations.

“There is no telling where this dangerous incitement will end, though we know that where white supremacists gather, violence usually follows,” he said.

Mr Sewell is currently facing charges of affray after allegedly assaulting a Channel 9 security guard last month, while his group attracted headlines in the Grampians over the Australia Day long weekend. Dozens of members allegedly chanted racist and anti-Semitic slogans as they walked through the town of Halls Gap, with Mr Sewell sharing images online of the group posing in front of a burning cross and displaying Nazi salutes at various locations in the region.

Read the article by Remy Varga in The Australian.