Bendigo McDonalds: Swastika spotted in Macca’s carpark, part of Nazi rise in Victoria

Racist bumper stickers and Nazi slogans splashed across Victoria’s roads are a sign white nationalists are on an active recruitment campaign, anti-discrimination advocates warn.

A trailer, covered in Nazi and white supremacist stickers, has been spotted being towed on the Tullamarine Freeway.

The Melburnian who captured a photo of the trailer in Brunswick at 12.40pm, Thursday April 15, said he was “lost for words”.

The trailer had stickers featuring an emoji in an SS uniform doing a Hitler salute, a rainbow ‘no f-gs’ sticker, and National Socialist Network sign plastered under the Australian flag and the phrase ‘blood and honour’ — a political slogan used by Hitler Youth.

This was not the only recent sighting of Nazi imagery on Victoria’s roads.

A Bendigo driver became distressed when they noticed the red swastika and a matching skull sticker on the window of a 4WD at the California Gully McDonald’s drivethru in Bendigo on Saturday, April 17.

The red swastika sticker alarmed anti-discrimination advocates who say white nationalists now consider regional Victoria as “fertile ground” for recruitment.

Anti-Defamation Commission chairman Dr Dvir Abramovich said the disgusting display was a sign of hateful groups setting their sights on regional Victoria.

Dr Abramovich said the largely Melbourne-based neo-Nazi groups were on a “recruiting campaign” in the country.

“They’re of the opinion that regional Victoria is a fertile ground,” he said.

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