The Palestine Israel debate…

Gareth Smith, in his letter last week, claims that he is ‘protesting against the colonial settler state of Israel’s brutal persecution of Palestinians who are considered “untermensch”, sub-humans not worthy of comparison to Jews and certainly not entitled to the same civic and life benefits.’

This is an inflammatory and disgusting statement, and I am glad to say that not one person that I know in Israel is remotely of that opinion.

The bulk of Israelis want Palestinians to have a high standard of living and you can thank Hamas and the PA directly for that not coming to fruition. As you well know, billions of dollars given to the two were diverted into the personal accounts of their leaders with the intention of keeping the population impoverished.

It is a sad fact that one-sided opinions will never bring peace. Why not call your car the ‘Peacemobile’ and show where coexistence is working between Palestinians and Israelis?

I am in contact with so many Palestinians who love Israel and show that Hamas and the PA are oppressing their people and have no other vision or policy but the total destruction of Israel. The PA and Hamas need to be removed and replaced by a government that doesn’t take instruction from Iran and believes in finding a permanent solution to the conflict where the two peoples can live side-by-side in harmony. The issue is that Palestinians are regularly killed by their leaders for even having those opinions.

Read the letter by Danny Wakil, Billinudgel in The Echo.