Extremist group accuses Onkaparinga Council of ‘crimes against humanity’

A group has claimed responsibility for the disruption of an Onkaparinga Council meeting, where they allegedly accused members of “crimes against humanity”.

A shadowy far-right conspiracy group has claimed responsibility for a brief takeover and sit-in of an Onkaparinga Council meeting where it is alleged its members abused staff and councillors.

Police have told the council they are monitoring the group but they are “not dangerous”.

The group wrote on the Facebook page Onkaparinga Council Watch claiming responsibility for the Tuesday night council chamber takeover by 13 “witnesses”, and the presentation to councillors of “affidavits” explaining their “crimes against humanity”.

The group said it is part of the Common Law Community of South Australia, and promotes conspiracy theories such as the 5G network controlling people and fluoride being used as poison.

The Onkaparinga Council Watch page removed more than 100 comments by the group, including a reference to the term used in Nazi Germany “unnütze Esser” or “useless eater” to describe councillors.

The council issued a statement on Friday confirming the incident.

“The group disrupted the meeting as it reconvened following a planned adjournment, yelling statements from the gallery and approaching the chamber benches,” the council said.

“They also handed documents to at least one elected member outside the chamber during the break, and verbally abused that member and a number of other staff and members present.”

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