Are you qualified? Israel’s intelligence agency is looking for a crypto expert

Someone is looking for a crypto expert, and it wouldn’t be just another employer.

Recently, reports are going hot that Mossad, Israel’s intelligence agency, is now looking for crypto experts. On top of that, the agency is also looking for experts in the field of financial technology.

Many analysts believe that Mossad is looking for these specific experts to help the agency conduct transaction payments for their agents and purchase equipment.

According to Ynet, Israel’s top news network, this was the first time that Mossad has openly looked for experts in the field of cryptocurrencies.

Mossad is looking for somebody with three years of experience in the fintech industry. It also said that the position is intended to help the agency plan, lead, initiate, and help in other system development-related tasks.

Mossad said it is also looking for a business consultant and someone who can develop unique mechanical means for a job that is related to mechanical integration.

But one position is quite interesting that has caught a lot of attention. In its job listing, Mossad is also looking for a cyber researcher/camera expert, an unusual position that gives the agency’s job posting a “James Bond-ish” feel.

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