People outside the synagogue. (Mark Stewart)

Worshippers to be fined for breaching Covid restrictions after tense stand-off at Ripponlea synagogue

Worshippers who attended a Ripponlea synagogue and defied police orders to leave, will cop hefty fines for breaching Covid restrictions.

Police surrounded an ultra-Orthodox synagogue in Ripponlea and fenced off the front entrance on Tuesday night as up to 100 worshippers refused to leave the temple.

Chanting supporters gathered around the Glen Eira ­Avenue synagogue as worshippers were finally cleared by police through two exits around 9pm. It was not immediately known if any arrests were made.

About a dozen police had converged on the synagogue on Tuesday as part of an investigation into an alleged breach of coronavirus public health orders during the Jewish ­religious holidays.

Two worshippers were seen climbing on the roof of a nearby building just after 6pm on Tuesday, while another group confronted police accusing them of anti-Semitism.

Victoria Police issued a statement on Tuesday night, confirming they had spoken to a number of people who attended the synagogue.

“All adults who attended will be issued with a $5452 fine. A number of children who were present will not be fined,” a police spokesperson said.

“Investigators believe a number of other people were present and are yet to be spoken to by police. Investigators are working to identify them.”

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