GONE: Nazi items will no longer be up for auction at Tullochs Auction House. (Neil Richardson)

Auction house to cease trading in Nazi memorabilia

The decision by Tullochs Auction House to remove controversial memorabilia from its catalogue followed an announcement by Attorney-General Elise Archer earlier this week, that she would consider banning the public display of Nazi symbols in Tasmania.

Ms Archer’s comments followed a decision by the Victorian government to make Nazi symbols illegal and strengthen anti-vilification protections.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Tullochs Auction House said whilst they would continue to offer historical military paraphernalia, they would no longer deal in items displaying the Nazi swastika that could be used for public displays of hate speech.

The spokesperson said the auction house had made the decision after responding to community feedback on the issue.

“We have no wish to contribute to division or hurt in the community for the sake of the commission of a few hundred dollars and acknowledge the effect that the display of such items can have on many groups persecuted in the past by the Nazi regime as well as those who are a target of hate from current day co-opters of Nazi symbolism,” they said

“Tullochs is a place of acceptance, but we don’t tolerate hatred.”

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