Councillor Ken Dorsey brave to take up North-West fish farm fight


The Israeli Palestinian conflict has absolutely no bearing on our life style, the map produced by the state government regarding salmon farms in the Bass most certainly does impact our life style, negatively so.

Listen to the reports of many people down south re the incessant 24 hour noise pollution, the 24-hour light pollution, the garbage that arrives on their beaches, the death of their local fishing, the disappearance of marine life such as penguins.

Ken Dorsey was brave to take up this challenge. The salmon farm industry is immensely wealthy and immensely powerful.

We need more people like him to stand up to it.

Well done sir.

Glenda Fawbert, Stowport


Is The Advocate seriously suggesting (Adv., Oct.1). that Burnie Council expressing concern about the expansion of industrial salmon into the North-West of the state is akin to the councillors making a statement about the Israel-Palestine conflict?

And is the paper’s editorial seriously suggesting that the federal government’s decision to buy nuclear submarines equates to discussing the prospect of tonnes of untreated fish sewage being released off northern beaches?

Following The Advocate’s line of reasoning, councillors have no right to express the concerns of their local constituents about future of their beaches.

They would also have no right to share concerns about the health of their waterways or the fishing grounds that so many use and love.

And, one may ask if The Advocate believes councillors would have no right to express their views if those new nuclear subs were to be based in Burnie or Devonport, immediately making those cities prime targets in a future war?

Peter George, Deep Bay

[These letters were inspired by this editorial.]