Resignation the only answer after Cr Christian’s podcast outrage

His insensitive public claims rightfully drew strong criticism from Sydney’s Jewish community.

In response, Cr Christian appeared to backdown with his so-called apology, but at the same time flatly denied he ever made such a comparison (Alex Christian’s Comments Criticised By CEO Of NSW Jewish Board Of DeputiesWestern Advocate, October 21). And if anyone thought he did, then guess what: they got it wrong or somehow Mr Christian was misrepresented – on a self-made solo interview with himself in which no one else speaks.

Rather than take an ounce of responsibility and simply own up to the four separate times in which he cited those “camps”, he tried to suggest he’d done nothing wrong whatsoever – that is, he essentially played down his original misdemeanour rather than being an adult public figure worthy of any respect by setting the record straight.

By adding insult to injury in the worst possible way, Cr Christian’s resignation is warranted as a police officer or councillor or both.

Read the letter by Ben Gelin in the Western Advocate.