Discover Holocaust survivor stories this summer

There’s more than one way to interact with Holocaust survivor stories at the Museum during November, December and January.  

Listen to stories of hope and resilience at one of our ongoing survivor talks, be part of the testing phase of the groundbreaking Dimensions in Testimony (DiT) project, and use our free SJM Voices app in the Museum.

Olga Horak is one of six of our Sydney-based Holocaust survivors whose biographies are being brought to life as part of Dimensions in Testimony (DiT), in collaboration with USC Shoah Foundation.

Over an intensive five days in December 2020, Olga answered around 1,000 questions about her experiences in the Holocaust, her life, her interests, and hopes for the future, while being filmed within a specialised rig with 23 cameras.

Using artificial intelligence (AI) and next-generation language processing, the many hours of footage from these interviews have been transformed into an interactive biography capable of lifelike conversation.

Now, Olga’s interactive biography is being trained to respond to audience questions. This means you can talk to it and see it reply as though Olga is actually sitting right in front of you, sharing her stories of history, hope, survival, and resilience.

You’re invited to join in our first-ever public testing of this groundbreaking project. Training her interactive biography is easy: simply ask her a question – anything you want to know – and hear her response in a real-time, lifelike conversation.

Details on Sydney Jewish Museum website.