FRIENDS FOREVER: Sholom Gordon meets his classmate who lives 17,330 km away in Nottingham.

School friends from online Jewish School meet for the first time

For Launceston students Sholom and Yehudis Gordon, school looks a little different.

Chabad of Tasmania Rabbi Gordon’s family attend Jewish School virtually, with classmates scattered across the globe in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Taiwan, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Romania, Singapore, Germany, South Korea and Hungary.

In addition to covering the curriculum of a secular education, Jewish School offers Hebrew reading and writing which then integrates into the study of the Chumash (Bible), Navi (Prophets) and Ketuvim (writings).

“Jewish boys traditionally will begin studying the Mishna and then subsequently the Talmud,” mother Rochel Gordon said.

“More topics throughout school include Jewish history, Jewish holidays, Jewish law and customs, contemporary issues and philosophy.”

With the Gordon family travelling overseas to visit family this year, the children were able to meet their school friends for the first time.

Ms Gordon said it was special to see her children meet some of their friends in person.

“In fact, my son celebrated two classmates birthdays with his friends,” she said.

“My daughter didn’t miss out either. Myself and the other mums of her classmates organised a get-together at a pizza store in London.

“The smile on their faces made all the jetlag worth it!”

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