People fleeing advancing Russian forces file across wooden planks crossing Irpin River below a destroyed bridge in Ukraine, March 9, 2022. (Thomas Peter/Reuters)

Two Ukrainians whose family hid someone during the Holocaust say they’ve found refuge in Israel because the survivor’s granddaughter took them in

  • Two women have resettled in Israel after fleeing Ukraine amid turmoil due to the Russian invasion.
  • During World War II, the women’s grandmother rescued a young girl and hid her from Nazis.
  • Today, that woman’s granddaughter returned the favor and rescued the fleeing women.

Two Ukrainian women who’ve fled their country amid turmoil brought on by the Russian invasion have found refuge in Israel.

Their grandmother — Maria Blishchik — hid a Jewish girl named Fanya Bass in Ukraine during World War II from Nazis, saving her life and ensuring that her family lineage would not end, The Jewish Press reported.

Today, Fanya’s granddaughter Sharon Bass welcomed Lasia Orshoko and Alona Chugai, Blishchik’s granddaughters. She took them in when they arrived on Sunday at the Ben Guion International Airport, according to the Jewish Press.

Sharon said she visited the gravesite where her grandmother’s body lies to pray that she would be able to take in the two Ukrainian refugees, the Jewish Press reported.

She said her grandmother Fanya “always helped everyone,” and her family had continued to stay in touch with Blishchik’s family, The Jewish News reported.

Chugai and Orshoko told Sharon they were scared to live in Ukraine because of the Russian invasion.

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