Hidden Sidney Nolan works come to the Jewish Museum

50 never seen before Sidney Nolan artworks are on display at Sydney’s Jewish Museum for the new exhibition Shaken To His Core: The Untold Story Of Nolan’s Auschwitz. 

The iconic Australian artist began painting images of concentration camps in 1939.

The Sydney Jewish Museum’s Curator Shannon Biederman joined Deborah Knight on Afternoons to with more info about the exhibition and about Nolan’s journey painting Auschwitz.

“[The paintings] were his private and personal work … they have only recently been uncovered,” she said.

Following a trip to Auschwitz in 1962, Nolan stopped using the Holocaust as subject matter.

“It really shook him up … after being confronted with the horrors of what he saw he felt he couldn’t do justice to the topic,” Ms Biederman said.

The exhibition runs until the 23rd of October.

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