L-E-V, a new Israeli company receiving a lot of attention in the dance world, takes its name from the Hebrew word for heart.

But choreographer Sharon Eyal, who created L-E-V in 2013 with her partner, rave party producer Gai Behar, says the love L-E-V found during its first three years took the couple by a surprise.

“I didn’t think about being successful, I thought about going with my dream,” she says, by phone from Stockholm.

“The success is amazing but the passion was to do something we love, Gai and I. It was to go even higher and deeper with our feelings, and what we believe, and what we want to share with the world.

“It’s a present we want to give.”

Dance lovers may have to pace themselves if they want to see two evening-length works by L-E-V at the Adelaide Festival.

The Festival will stage Killer Pig and OCD Love at Her Majesty’s Theatre on consecutive evenings on the final weekend.

Eyal and Behar have been making waves with a new style of dance. They combine classical and other forms with contemporary elements, such as electronic music and fashion, and set them to pulsing soundtracks by Ori Lichtik, a founding father of Israel’s techno scene.

“I like all music,” Eyal says.

“But I’m attracted to Ori’s because he’s an unbelievable musician and there are so many layers to what he does.”

Read the full article by Louise Nunn at The Advertiser.

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