Does he have no sense of shame? Is there nothing he won’t do to defame Israel, or the local Jewish community, to push his obsessions about unilaterally recognising ‘Palestine’? He is being given a national platform despite discrediting himself over recent months as an abject mouth piece of Beijing.

Yes, I am speaking of Bob Carr and his anti-Israel obsessions, promoted again on the front page of anewspaper, this time the Australian on 3 July, ‘Labor to cast Israel adrift after 40 years’.

Of course, these sudden flurries of proposed resolutions at future Labor Party conferences are not yet decided. Nor do they determine what happens at Labor’s National conference and even less, what a future Labor government will do. Can you imagine Bill Shorten or Penny Wong being dictated to by Carr, whose obsessions on this issue did so much to destroy the standing of former Prime Minister Julia Gillard?

The prominence of this issue in Australian domestic policy has nothing to do with current events in the Middle East. How could Australia recognise a regime where one element, the Palestinian Authority, refuses to pay the electricity bill to power one of the basic services for other Palestinians in Gaza – the sewage works? Perhaps Bob Carr should stand next to the sewage outflow in the Mediterranean and explain why Australians should ‘recognise’ Hamas, which allows stinking human waste to flow into the sea because it prefers to spend money building tunnels to infiltrate Israel.

Read the article by Michael Danby in The Spectator.


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